• Custom Design

    We are proud to offer custom design services!

    We know how frustrating it can be to search for the perfect piece of jewelry and not be able to find it. If you have a particular idea and want to bring it to life- we'd love to work with you!

    You can start the process of designing your dream jewelry by reaching out to us today- either stop by one of our locations, call us on the phone or fill out the form below to send us an email.

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  • Jewelry Repair

    Minor scratches and broken chains shouldn’t keep you from wearing your favorite jewelry. We offer full-service repairs, from gem polishing to clasp replacement. We will repair any jewelry whether you bought it at our store or not.

    Ring resizing, clasp and chain repair, stone replacement, scratch removal, and watch repairs are just a few of the services we offer. Whether you need a simple repair procedure or full stone replacement, bring in your jewelry for a free repair estimate while you shop.

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  • Jewelry Cleaning

     Jewelry pieces with diamonds or other stones in them should have their settings checked by a jewelry professional at least every six months. For jewelry pieces that you wear every day, especially rings, have them inspected as often as possible, but at least every 3 months. You can have your jewelry checked at either one of our locations, at no charge.

    We always recommend that you have your jewelry cleaned at on of our locations, by a professional, especially if your piece has diamonds or other gemstones in it. This way, you can have the settings checked, and you don't run the risk of the stones being damaged by improper cleaning practices. 

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  • Appraisals

    An appraisal is an opinion as to the authenticity, quality, design and value or a piece of jewelry. Since it is an opinion, backed and supported by training, equipment and experience, it is important to understand there can be honest variations between different appraisals.

    Remember than an appraisal is a professional evaluation, and the more intricate your jewelry is, the more time we'll need to properly examine every facet of your jewelry. 

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