To keep you looking sparkly, we do not recommend that your jewelry comes into contact with perfumes, cleaning products, hair products or other solutions that contain abrasive chemicals. These chemicals can wear off the plating on certain pieces of jewelry, or even make the metals in your jewelry more brittle and prone to breakage. Always remove your jewelry when washing hands, showering, sleeping, swimming, working out or other situations in which your jewelry can be damaged.

Store your jewelry in a proper place, like our jewelry boxes, to make sure your jewelry pieces don't damage each other.


Sterling Silver tarnishes due to exposure to the air. The best way to avoid this is to bring in your jewelry to one of our locations for a complimentary cleaning and polishing. Wrapping your unworn pieces in tarnish-resistant paper and placing in an airtight bag will help slow the tarnishing process while you are not wearing your jewelry.

We have jewelry cleaner available that is safe for sterling silver jewelry, however we always recommend having your jewelry professionally cleaned when possible.


Gold can tarnish, but a more common problem is the plating applied to white gold products can wear down over time- which will make your rings appear dull with a yellow tinge, but this can be reapplied by our jeweler to make your rings look like new again.

 Jewelry pieces with diamonds or other stones in them should have their settings checked by a jewelry professional at least every six months. For jewelry pieces that you wear every day, especially rings, have them inspected as often as possible, but at least every 3 months. You can have your jewelry checked at either one of our locations, at no charge.

We always recommend that you have your jewelry cleaned at on of our locations, by a professional, especially if your piece has diamonds or other gemstones in it. This way, you can have the settings checked, and you don't run the risk of the stones being damaged by improper cleaning practices. 

However, we know not everyone has the time to bring their jewelry in, or don't live near our stores, so we do have jewelry cleaner that is safe for gold, white gold, platinum and silver. If you don't have jewelry cleaner, another option is to rinse your piece in warm soapy water and very gently clean it with a soft toothbrush.