May Birthstone Spotlight: Emerald


Welcome to May when we celebrate the green of spring with the birthstone emerald.


For over 5000 years collectors have valued emeralds as one of the most desirable and valuable colored gems. It is one third of the "Big Three" including ruby and sapphire. The elegant "Emerald Cut" is specifically designed for this gem, due to its structure and to reduce the pressure put on the gem during cutting.

The name comes from the Greek work smaragdos, which means "green." The variety and shade of green is determined by the stone's origin. Ranging from light pale green to deep vibrant green, all emeralds will have thier own unique difference.


Emeralds are mainly found in Columbia, Brazil, and Zambia. The Columbian emeralds are known for their exceptional quiality, vivid deep green golor, and are considered the finest source for emeralds in the world today.

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