February Birtstone Spotlight: The Vibrant Amethyst

Wondering about February's vibrant birthstone? Look no further than the captivating amethyst. With a rich history and a variety of colors, the amethyst makes for a dazzling, one of a kind birthstone!

The History and Significance of Amethyst

The amethyst has a long and storied history dating back thousands of years. Its name is derived from the Greek word "amethystos," which means "not intoxicated." Ancient Greeks believed that wearing or drinking from amethyst vessels would protect them from drunkenness. This belief led to the association of the amethyst with sobriety and clarity of mind.

In addition to its protective qualities, the amethyst was highly valued by royalty and clergy throughout history. It was often used in crowns, scepters, and religious artifacts. The gemstone was believed to possess powers that could ward off evil and bring good fortune to its wearer.

As the birthstone for February, the amethyst is said to symbolize peace, stability, and inner strength. It is also often associated with healing and purification.

The Colors of Amethyst

While the most well-known color of the amethyst is a deep purple, this birthstone actually comes in a variety of hues. The color of an amethyst can range from pale lilac to a vibrant violet. Some amethysts even exhibit a reddish or bluish tinge.

The intensity of the color is determined by factors such as the presence of trace elements and the amount of iron in the gemstone. The finest amethysts are typically those with a rich, deep purple color, often referred to as "Siberian amethysts."

It's worth noting that the amethyst can also change color under different lighting conditions. Some amethysts may appear more blue under natural daylight, while others may exhibit a reddish hue under incandescent light.


In conclusion, the amethyst birthstone is not only visually stunning but also carries a rich history and deep symbolism. Whether you're born in February or simply appreciate the beauty of this gemstone, the amethyst is a captivating choice. Its vibrant and exciting range of colors make it a truly unique and meaningful birthstone.

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