Can a Real Gold Ring Discolor Your Finger? Yes.

It is a common misconception that only costume jewelry can cause skin reactions or discoloration.

While certain allergies, like a nickel allergy, can certainly be prevented by switching to real gold, sometimes there can still be reactions that take place.

Copper is often mixed with gold to create 10, 14 and 18 karat gold.

The metals mixed with gold can react to salt in perspiration or in the environment, like from the ocean if you live near the water or from eating salty foods often. This can cause the other metals in gold to tarnish, creating a discoloration on your finger.

Another common culprit is makeup and skincare products! Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are frequently found in face products like setting powders and even diaper creams, and these can be abrasive on jewelry, over time they scrape at the rings, and you can see visible deposits on your skin.

Buildup of soap and other products under rings can cause irritation, turning your finger red.

Discoloration is not a great indicator of whether or not a piece of jewelry is real or not, so if you are concerned about the authenticity of your ring, bring it to us and we are happy to test the gold for you!

If you are experiencing discoloration with your rings, try removing it when eating with your hands (especially chips and popcorn), and when you apply makeup and skincare products. If you are still having issues with discoloration, see your favorite local jeweler (aka, us) and we can help you find the best solution!

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