We are proud to offer custom design services!

We know how frustrating it can be to search for the perfect piece of jewelry and not be able to find it. If you have a particular idea and want to bring it to life- we'd love to work with you!

You can start the process of designing your dream jewelry by reaching out to us today- either stop by one of our locations, call us on the phone or fill out this form to send us an email.

We'll have a consultation with you and put together some different options for you to approve.

Once we have a design plan, we will provide you with a CAD model or a wax carving model, that will be used to mold the metal for your new piece.

Custom work typically takes 4-8 weeks to complete, but express options are available.

Click the button below to get started!

Both of our locations offer full service jewelry repairs including:

  • Rings sized
  • Chains soldered
  • Clasps replaced
  • Watch links removed
  • Vintage jewelry restoration
  • Prongs replaced
  • Broken shanks fixed
  • Gemstone oiling
  • Pearls re-strung
  • Watch batteries and more!

We also offer cleaning and refinishing services:

  • Basic Bath: A quick wash and steam- removes dirt and build up from inside rings and under stones. Totally free, always.  Does not include stone tightening, additional charges will apply for repairs if stone loss occurs. 
  • Buff It Out: We buff the metal to restore shine, then clean and steam your piece. Does not include stone tightening, additional charges will apply for repairs if stone loss occurs. 
  • Brand Spankin' New: We do everything we can to make it awesome! A complete cleaning, we will polish, then re-finish or re-plate your ring to look almost brand new. Stones will be checked and tightened.
  • Spa Bath: Your watch will be disassembled, residue and buildup will be gently scrubbed away as your watch is pampered with a "spa day". Band polishing is also available.

Call us for more information, schedule your repair, or bring your jewelry in to one of our locations!

What is an appraisal?

An appraisal is an opinion as to the authenticity, quality, design and value or a piece of jewelry. Since it is an opinion, backed and supported by training, equipment and experience, it is important to understand there can be honest variations between different appraisals.

Most people commonly believe that the declared price evaluation is the most important aspect of an appraisal. This is not true! Actually, the most important part (and the most protective of the customer) is a detailed description of the jewelry item, accurately depicting the design, the metal, and the stones. 

When should you have your jewelry appraised?

  • After purchasing new jewelry, you will need an appraisal in order to apply for insurance coverage in case of loss or theft.
  • Due to economic inflation, it is a good idea to have your jewelry re-evaluated every two to three years.

Remember than an appraisal is a professional evaluation, and the more intricate your jewelry is, the more time we'll need to properly examine every facet of your jewelry. 

Appraisal pricing differs based on your specific piece of jewelry, text us a picture of your jewelry piece to 954-430-1798 and we will give you an appraisal quote by the end of the business day.